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Agriculture, fishing, aquaculture
Distribution, selling, wholesale
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Volta Catch tilapia is produced by Tropo Farms Ltd in Ghana. We take pride in our quality and make every effort to ensure that our fish is as fresh and pure as possible.

We select our breeders from nature, from the massive Volta Lake. Our fish roots are 100% Ghanaian – Volta.

Tropo Farms, in sync with nature then controls every stage of production, from eggs through nursery, transfer and final growing in the pure clean river and lake waters of the Volta. No chemicals, antibiotics or growth promoters are used in the production of Volta Catch tilapia. Expensive high quality feeds free of additives are carefully fed to our fish to provide the majority of their nutritional requirements whiles nature provides the rest. Our energy use is minimal as we do not use aeration for production.

Freshness is guaranteed by an expensive cold chain process. Live fish are immediately gutted and rapidly cooled in an ice solution. They are then packed in flaked ice and transported in refrigerated trucks. Fish are then kept in chilled conditions during sales. Our fish are never frozen but kept at +1 to +4’C. Our harvest-to-table time is kept very short because we harvest on demand, several times a week, 52 weeks a year – THAT’S FRESH!