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City :Accra
Country :
Industries :
IT, software engineering, Internet
Education, training
Research and development
Services other
Temporary work, recruitment
Website : Not available
Company Description

Danwus Consulting is a business consulting firm into:

 Recruitment: Internship/Locum, clinicals, and permanent jobs.

 IT Solutions: Software Applications: Computerised Acct Softwares, HAMS,etc Training: Database, IT Audit, Microsoft Certified Courses, Networking, etc Infrastructure: Networking, Maintenance and Serviice, IT Management: Outsourcing.

Accounting Solutions: Accounting: MasterClass and  Training, Computerised Accounting Softwares and Tax Laws.

Career Development/Corporate Training: Corporate Technical Training, Refresher Courses,Seminars and confabs for workers, Career fairs for students, Agency for international studentship, Master classes.

Business Registration in 5days and Business Plan, and Advisory services.