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City :Kwashieman
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Industries :
Banking, insurance, finance
Mechanical equipment, machines
Education, training
Real-estate, architecture, town planning
Government services
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Global Access Consult is a boutique staffing company service Accra and its environs since 2015. We believe creating a pool of highly adept intelligent workforce is the backbone of every organization in achieving its goals and objectives.  We understand without a shred of doubt that keeping pace with the finance side of a business and being on the look for extremely talented individuals has become ever more challenging. Here is where Global Access Consult comes into play to bring the best suited talent for your company.

We pride ourselves in being part of the business journeys of organizations and do our uttermost best in making that we are playing our parts to see growth in all organizations we work with. We appreciate the experience that our candidates bring from various industries and we like to leverage it for tech, education, fashion and start-up hiring.