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City :Tarkwa
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Advice, audit, accounting
Education, training
Research and development
Social, public and human services
Temporary work, recruitment
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Company Description

Forcefields Ghana limited is a business consulting firm specializing in the area of Human Resources Administration, Information Technology (IT) Management, Labour Hire, Payroll and Employment outsourcing.
Our goal is to help your Organisations reduce costs, boost performance and benefit from the best HR Solutions for the long run. After having been involved in the area for years, we understand the frustrations that you may face regularly. If your company is like any other company, you are very likely to face the continuing challenge of trying to determine how to find the best service to fill your needs for Information Technology Management, Labour Hire, Payroll Outsources, Outsourced Employment solution auditing and many more. We have a customer specific service package that you should find appealing.
As a premier consulting firm, forcefields Ghana limited. Has been providing outsourced labour hire, payroll and industry-based training services to companies like yours for more than 10 years. We thoroughly understand the needs of firms in our locale and know how to provide the best services for your needs.