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» Marketing, communication
09.2012 - 06.2016
University of London
My study of law has given me an appreciation of the legal implications of the various aspects of the communication that I put out as a marketing communications person. Courses I took includes Intellectual Property law, Property law, Law of Contract etc.
08.2005 - 06.2011
B/A Geography & French
University of Ghana
In the University of Ghana, I learned to speak French and carry out translations to and from French. In Geography, I studied the relationships that exist between living things and their environment as well as the various dynamics that exist within those relationships. However, the most important things I learned was analytical reasoning as an intellectual.
05.2016 - 05.2016
Issues and Crisis Management Communication
Magna Carta
This was a training program put together by Magna Carta, one of the most influential Reputation Management and PR companies in Africa. Vincent Magwenya, the then CEO from South African led a team of international journalists to train participants on how to put together Issues and Crisis Management Plans, how to keep Issues from escalating to Crisis and how to engage the press in instances of Crisis.
09.2014 - 09.2014
Brand Strategy Development
Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG)
The training covered branding and strategy. I learned among other things concept of the brand strategic platform and how crucial it is in product development.
Professional experience
5 to 10 years
» Marketing, communication, media
I possess excellent communication skills, presentation skills, analytical skills, I.T. skills, social media and copy writing skills. I also possess skills in audio editing and the operation of a number of digital audio work stations needed to edit audio commercials. I work well under pressure, am adaptable and learn really fast.
frenchgood level
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in 1 month
Ashanti - Brong Ahafo - Central - Eastern - Greater Accra - Northern - Upper East - Upper West - Volta - Western - International
Place of residence : Accra
Permanent contract - Fixed-term contract

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