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» IT, new technologies
» R&D, project management
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More than 10 years
» Banking, insurance, finance
» Hotel business, catering
» IT, software engineering, Internet
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03.2020 - 08.2020
IT Mnager
Rock City Hotel
Had the oversight responsibility of the department. 1. Preparing department budget 2. Project lead for all IT projects ( both infrastructure and productivity tools) 3. Developed all IT Policies 4. Designed and developed KPIs for all unit heads and direct reports 5. Developed a business continuity plan for the IT infrastructure 6. Created VLANS for segmentation of the network and easy monitoring 7. Performed vulnerability and penetration tests for all systems and devices connected to the network 8. Deployed an intranet using Microsoft SharePoint 9. Deployed a security information and event management software for gathering and analyzing all events across the whole enterprise 10. Updated and patched all systems with latest updates, upgraded all firmware with latest upgrades 11. Deployed a disaster recovery plan for the IT infrastructure 12. Technical Lead for all IT related projects
06.2009 - 08.2019
IT Consultant/Head of Support Operations (banking Technology)
Qualtek IT Solutions
1. Defining, delivering and supporting information systems 2. Safeguarding information systems by deploying disaster recovery plan for IT assets 3. Developing standard operating policies for all systems 4. Preparing IT budget for the department And many more roles that can be found in my attached CV
Electronics Funds Transfer, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Threat Hunting, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security Incidence Response, Swift Transaction Payment System, Swift Customer Security Program Implementation, Network design and vulnerability tests, Web application security assessment, Linux and Windows Systems Administration, IT Policy Creation and Implementation, Designing, Installing and configuring security systems
08.2006 - 09.2008
Post Graduate Diploma -Ecommerce
Anglia Ruskin University
Training User Experience Design (GUI) Website Design Front-end Development Backend development Content Writing Overall Website Testing Data Analysis Digital Marketing Paid Advertising & Search Engine Optimization Web application vulnerability and penetration tests
09.1990 - 09.1994
BSc Business Computing Systems
Murdoch University
Digital Footprint, Core Software Engineering, Core Computer Systems, Core Web Development, Core Problem Solving and Programming, Core Databases, Systems Design and Development, Core Service Management,Group Project, Web Programming,, Quality and User-Centered Systems, IT Project Management, Core Computing Dissertation,Core Systems Development Approaches, Business Intelligence
01.2014 - 09.2014
Certified Information Systems Auditor
RM Consult
1. Information System Auditing Process 2. Governance and Management of IT 3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation 4. Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience 5. Protection of Information Assets
03.2019 - 12.2019
Computer Digital Forensics, Web application vulnerability testing, Ethical hacking
EH Academy- Online
1. learn how to capture volatile and stored data from a system in a ‘live’ and ‘booted’ state 2. Understanding the binary number system & Conversions 3. Encoding and Decoding formats 4. Methods of storing data 5. Development of hard disk, physical construction, CHS & LBA addressing 6. Computer Memory 7. Distinction between computer crimes and conventional crimes. 8. Encryption and decryption methods 9. Computer virus, and computer worm, Trojan horse, trap door, super zapping, logic bombs. 10. Social media crimes, intellectual property crimes, cyber pornography& child pornography, cyber terrorism, hate speech and cyber security 11. Seizure of suspected computer. Preparation required prior to seizure 12. Legal and privacy issues in computer forensics 13. Open and Proprietary tools for Digital Forensics 14. Digital Forensics-Memory & Network forensics 15. Computer forensic investigation Restoration of deleted files, Password cracking, Email tracking 16. Digital Forensics - Mobile phone Forensics
05.2019 - 11.2019
Certified in Information Systems and Risk Controls
Cybrary Institute- Online
1. IT/business risk and controls 2. Risk identification 3. Implementation of proven IS (information system) controls
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Ashanti - Central - Eastern - Greater Accra - Volta - Western - International
Place of residence : Accra
Permanent contract - Fixed-term contract - Part-time work

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